My name is Elaine, a mum of two who lives in Melbourne, Australia.
I spend my spare time making gorgeous, but functional carriers that make taking your little one with you for enriching experiences like going to museums, a day out in the city, train rides, tram rides, bush walks...getting out there and having fun together, because life shouldn't stop when you become a parent!!
I fell in love with babywearing when my first little munchkin Tom was born. It has been a journey since then, but the main point I wan't to make is: babywearing is for
every parent. You do not have to be a certain 'type' or follow a certain philosophy to babywear. If just one of my carriers makes even one mum feel a little more competent, makes life a little easier for a dad, or keeps a baby a little happier in this busy world we lead I feel all my hard work is worthwhile!
These carriers are made by myself and two lovely seamstresses in Melbourne, Australia.
All carriers are hand cut by myself, often in the wee hours of the morning when my own two children are still sleeping.